Our history

Methismeni Politia restaurant is located in Tripiti, Milos, on the way to Catacombs. In 1996 Giorgos Evripides turned his father’s old oil press mill  into an atmospheric restaurant that offers genuine local cuisine.

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The interview of Giorgos Evripides in the tourist documentary touristorama

One of Milos’ most famous restaurants!

The traditional wood-burning oven, which is not found elsewhere on the island, the unique atmosphere of the surrounding area and above all the delicious dishes are the reasons why every visitor of Milos should dine in our restaurant.

The traditional wood oven

What really makes Methismeni Politeia stand out is the special way of cooking in the wood oven. In fact, there is no other similar oven in another restaurant of the island. Ours is the one and only! By baking our food there, we manage to give it a special flavor, an incomparable tone. Whoever tasted it, calls it “unforgettable experience”. Every day, Mr Giannis, the owner’s father, lights the wood burning oven with old logs and vines, also adding various herbs that give an amazing aroma to the baking process. The fire burns for about 2 hours, before the food is inserted, so as the temperature to reach 300o C. After the pan is placed in, the oven is sealed on the lid with a piece of dough.

Special dish: wood oven baked lamb

Slowly roasted lamb, baked in the traditional wood oven for hours with potatoes, is the most delicious dish you’ll taste in our restaurant! Get ready to live an unforgettable gastronomic experience, full of flavor and herb aromas. Come to taste and find out…

Methismeni Politia - Special dish: wood oven baked lamb
Methismeni Politia - Our cuisine

Our cuisine

From our hot specialties, our handmade vine leaves, the stuffed cabbage leaves, our little pies and the veal from Kimolos with caramelized onions are the dishes and appetizers that have literally many fans, while those who prefer the meat will love our roasts and spits like: the konotsouvli spit, the kokoretsi and the local pork ribs. Many are also the traditional Greek dishes served, such as mousaka, pastitsio and fava. You will definitely love the local rooster cooked with red wine and served with hand-made lasagna!

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