Our cuisine

Our menu is based on Greek Mediterranean cuisine and could be characterised as an hymn to the Cycladic traditional gastronomy. For two decades, Methismeni Politeia has been serving Greek favorite dishes, cooked according to recipes of Milos, and delicious grilled meats.

Tradition to flavors!

From our hot specialties, our handmade vine leaves, the stuffed cabbage leaves, our little pies and the veal from Kimolos with caramelized onions are the dishes and appetizers that have literally many fans, while those who prefer the meat will love our roasts and spits like: the konotsouvli spit, the kokoretsi and the local pork ribs. Many are also the traditional Greek dishes served, such as mousaka, pastitsio and fava. You will definitely love the local rooster cooked with red wine and served with hand-made lasagna!

So, on our tables, overlooking the catacombs and the sea, you will enjoy homemade cuisine and delicious meat and seafood dishes.

Μεθυσμένη Πολιτεία - Παράδοση στην γεύση
Μεθυσμένη Πολιτεία - Φαγητό με φιλοσοφία

Food with philosophy!

Loyal to our philosophy of offering good quality food to the visitors of our island and the tavern, we are constantly looking for pure raw materials and local meat. We pay great attention to the ingredients we use and we try to gather them from both Milos and neighboring Kimolos.

Stuffed vine leaves is a special dish and we suggest you should try it! We’ve been serving them for numerous years and is one of our best-selling dishes. We prepare them according to our grandmother’s traditional recipe. They are always hand-made, and for their preparation we use fresh leaves from the vineyards of the island.

Sweet desserts mark the end of a good meal!

This is why the menu of Methismeni Politeia restaurant includes all these traditional candies that have become part of Greek cuisine and culture. “Koufeto” is a traditional candy, a sugarplum, made with sweet pumpkin and almonds. It was first served at weddings as a treat, but it’s never missing from our restaurant as well. We also serve handmade spoon candies, either carrot or rose, which are accompanied by traditional yogurt! Our specialty is the chocolate pie, a sponge cake with chocolate couverture, served with a scoop of ice cream. A divine dessert! Except for the above, you can also choose among panckake, fruit jelly, ekmek, but also our no sugar chocolate mousse.