Our history

Methismeni Politeia restaurant is located in Tripiti, Milos, on the way to Catacombs. In 1996 Giorgos Evripides turned his father’s old oil press mill  into an atmospheric restaurant that offers genuine local cuisine.

Methismeni Politia – The restaurant

The name of the restaurant (=Drunk State) is inspired by an homonymous old Greek song and was chosen because, due to the amazing view to the bay of Milos, guests get “drunk” by the beautiful pictures and the garden with the olive trees surrounding the restaurant.

Nowdays, Methismeni Politeia is one of Milos’ most famous restaurants. The traditional wood-burning oven, which is not found elsewhere on the island, the unique atmosphere of the surrounding area and above all the delicious dishes are the reasons why every visitor of Milos should dine in our restaurant.

The interview of Giorgos Evripides in the tourist documentary touristorama
Μεθυσμένη Πολιτεία - Πιάτα που ξεχωρίζουν

Dishes that stand out

The tastes of Methismeni Politeia are genuine Greek and very much loved. The menu includes cooked meals with local meats (roe, calf, lamb), grilled meats, seafood, pasta and a variety of appetizers, with little pies stealing the impressions and your palate.

Some of our best known dishes are: stuffed vine leaves, calf stew with caramelized onions, stuffed cabbage leaves, “kokoretsi” and lamb from the wood-burning oven. In general, the fact that many meals are made in the traditional wood oven and not electric or gas-fired, gives them a characteristic flavor that makes these dishes delicious!